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Dr. Marshall I. Gladnick, MD

Dr. Marshall Gladnick has spent much of his 50-year career as an ophthalmologist in service to his patients and colleagues around the world. His passion for the cutting-edge practice of ophthalmology has taken him to over 100 countries as a volunteer physician, teacher, and collaborator. It is why he created Glad Eyecare and Surgery Center to be a world-class eye care center.
“The most important thing to me is properly taking care of someone according to my God-given abilities.”
Dr. Gladnick’s personal brushes with mortality highly influenced his decision to become a medical doctor–specifically an ophthalmologist–and fueled the enthusiasm with which he pursued his medical career.
Born in New York City to immigrants from Russia (his father) and Ireland (his mother), Marshall grew up poor and worked construction full-time to pay for college. He originally enrolled at Cornell University as a political science major, but changed his major to pre-med after a car accident put him in a coma for four months with little hope of survival. He was motivated to complete his medical degree in two years instead of four and graduated 10th in his class with a 4.2 grade point average. He completed his internship at the University of Miami School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Ophthalmologist in the Making: The Front Lines of Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, Dr. Gladnick was called to serve as a flight surgeon. He conducted surgery in the middle of nowhere, patching soldiers up on the front lines after encountering landmines and bombs. The boys had no modern-day flak jackets or protection for the eyes and face. It was there on the battlefield that Dr. Gladnick realized he would like to be an eye surgeon. After almost 3 years on the front line, and lucky to be alive for the second time, Dr. Gladnick returned to school. He officially applied to the residency program in the United States at New York University, which, at that time, was the #1 University in the world for teaching and research. He then completed his ophthalmology residency at New York University/Bellevue Medical Center, which was also part of Cornell and Columbia University in New York. Dr. Gladnick has led a distinguished life and career as an ophthalmologist who believes in being kind, compassionate and a consummate expert.

“A lot of people go to large practices and are seen for 5 minutes by surrogates, not the doctor…someone wearing a white coat. I see every patient myself–even on the cosmetic side. I don’t even wear a white coat.”

Dr. Gladnick keeps up with advances in ophthalmology, attending as many national and international conferences as possible. His career is a blend of treating patients, instructing other eye doctors and leading the way with new technologies.

Highlights of Dr. Gladnick’s Career as an Ophthalmologist:

  • Trained at New York University, the largest eye surgery and research program in the world.
  • Worked with the International Eye Foundation, teaching new treatments and surgical procedures to eye doctors in over 100 countries, including England, Scotland, Germany, India, Egypt, Italy and South Africa.
  • Dr. Gladnick was the first ophthalmologist in Florida to use a microscope for surgery.
  • He was the first ophthalmologist in New England to do a cataract operation with a lens implant.
  • Thirty years ago, Dr. Gladnick was one of the first collaborators in the United States for a diabetic laser treatment protocol that every ophthalmologist today uses for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Dr. Gladnick is licensed as an MD (ophthalmologist) in: Florida, New York, California, Maine, Hawaii and Colorado.